Why should YOU partner with BaselineTV?

Read just a small portion of the reasons below!

YouTube Partnership

Our Partnership program gives you all of the features that come with being a YouTube partner! This allows you to make money on the videos that you make, and enjoy!

Advanced Dashboard

Our custom dashboard on our website allows you to see your daily earnings up to the second. It shows your CPM, monetizable views, and changes in payment information. Also included are tips and tricks to increase your views!

High Quality Support

We have a support team dedicated to helping with any of your troubles! If you have an issue you can contact us through our website contact page.

Music Library

Included in our dashboard is a music library of over 100,000 royalty free songs! These songs can be used in any of your videos with no worries about any copyright problems.

High CPM

Our ad-sales team has proven to be the best on YouTube. Our average CPM is between $9-$12 on our english speaking channels!


BaselineTV allows you to view all of your earnings, CPM, and other fine details in your YouTube dashboard! This allows you to see how much you should be making along with our custom dashboard on our website!

Payment System

BaselineTV offers the most dynamic payment system around. We are able to pay through Paypal, wire transfer, or Western Union. Included is a no payment threshold, so you will be paid regardless of if you make $0.01 or $1000 a month!

YouTube Advice

BaselineTV offers a unique service that no other network includes. 1-on-1 training with a full-time YouTuber that has amassed over 200,000 subscribers and 100,000,000 total views. He will provide you with advice on how to grow your channel to a large audience.

Hub Access

Partnering with BaselineTV grants you exclusive access to our BaselineTV YouTube Hub channel! You are able to submit your videos to the community channel to grow to a larger audience.